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IDS is Interactive Dialog™

High Tech and High Talk

Imagine what it’s like to have 20 or 25 people all talking at once, and be able to hear what everyone is saying as they all discuss their thoughts openly, without fear or group bias, and reach consensus? Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s what Interactive Dialog provides.

RSM Global is pioneering this exciting new research concept – the most important new development in public opinion in decades.

The Interactive Dialog technique places laptop computers in front of a group of pre-selected respondents and leads them in state-of-the-art data collection. Skilled professionals with experience in both the proprietary Interactive Dialog software and general opinion research techniques guide participants through a planned agenda. With remarkable versatility, depth, and timeliness, this methodology not only explores a problem, but designs solutions. In this sense, it is a “total process” research tool and a rich, efficient resource for strategic guidance.

Interactive Dialog is a focus group on steroids. Or a survey with more open-ended questions than you have ever dared to include:

  • Significantly more material can be covered in any given time, because no one has to wait his or her turn.
  • There’s no way one or two dominant personalities can intimidate other participants; everyone’s views are taken on every question or topic.

All answers can be sorted by a customized set of demographic characteristics – as well a cross-tabulated one to another.
Because the groups are two or three times the size of normal focus groups, it is possible to get meaningful threshold quantitative data, as well as the richest qualitative data ever.
Interactive Dialog can be used for strategic planning, creative idea generation, product development, marketing strategy, positioning, message and concept testing, media testing and employee satisfaction. The tool supports a wide range of collaborative group activities, including:

  • Brainstorming
  • Idea categorization
  • Idea prioritization
  • Survey questions
  • Topic commentary
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Development of high level action plans
  • Laddering technique that demonstrates what really motivates consumer behavior.

An especially powerful feature of an Interactive Dialog session is that all participants are active at the same time. Interactive Dialog’s real-time electronic format yields immediate, simultaneous input from all respondents and the ability for the client to see the feedback of the full group as a session proceeds. Survey results are available seconds after respondents complete a question, and full verbatim reports are available just hours after a session.

Even though Interactive Dialog uses state-of-the-art computer technology, it is a user-friendly system with full technical support to ensure the process goes smoothly. Anyone who has ever typed on a keyboard can participate meaningfully. Of course, participants are pre-screened for relevant demographic or behavioral information, just as they would be in any traditional research methodology.

Interactive Dialog is highly energizing for participants and maintains a tight focus on the project objectives. As participants formulate key ideas, strategies, messages or concepts, the value of their ideas increases, as does their buy-in to the conclusions the group reaches.

Because Interactive Dialog uses a total participatory process, it yields:

  • Minimal bias, as one or two dominant personalities cannot dictate the direction of the entire session
  • More ideas, as participants interact simultaneously rather than waiting for their turn to speak
  • Better ideas, as participants become completely engaged in the research process
  • Accelerated data collection, moving at the pace of participants’ minds
  • Intensified focus, due to the structure of a customized, engaging electronic format
  • Collaborative idea generation, as people build on others’ input and experience
  • Original lexicon based on participant verbatims
  • Broader idea exploration, as concepts are not left on the table, but rather integrated into the total research process.

A unique feature of Interactive Dialog is that clients can watch live data being generated in real time – either on site or from their computers at the office, at or any other location, thereby allowing them to avoid the hassle of travel.

In many applications, Interactive Dialog can be effectively utilized as a stand-alone event. It is even more versatile when it is a critical piece in the consulting process meant to accelerate client planning and decision-making by providing immediate focus and feedback. Interactive Dialog’s strength is that it can be integrated into nearly any kind of strategic planning or change process. And, if a broader audience is required in order to do quantitative research or reach people in distant and diverse destinations, Interactive Dialog study can be set up on-line.


Two sessions per day in a single location with 20 participants per session: $25,000 to $35,000

Three sessions per day in a single location with 20 participants per session: $40,000 to $45,000

The above costs include:

  • Securing the facilities
  • Recruiting the participants
  • Development of dialog protocol
  • Use of the equipment
  • Two professional Interactive Dialog facilitators (one to manage the technology and one to moderate the session)
  • A full verbatim report with some statistical charts and tables of the session
  • An electronic version of the data the client can use to run cross tabulations.
  • Location-dependent costs include:
  • Shipping the equipment
  • Travel costs for facilitators

The total price will vary with client needs specifications. We welcome the opportunity to bid on your specific needs.