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RSM Global is a full service market research company. Our qualitative (non-projectable) products include:

  • In-depth, one on one interviewing of elite audiences
  • Laddering and mind mapping interviews done face to face or over the internet
  • Focus groups of highly targeted audiences numbering eight to ten participants
  • Community groups of fifty to seventy-five participants using hand held data input devices for deliberative research on complex messages
  • Computer assisted focus groups of up to twenty-five participants using our proprietary Interactive Dialogue System.

In the qualitative area, RSM Global’s differentiating work stems from two areas where our experience and expertise are among the best in the world. First, our work with laddering interviews and mind mapping protocols has helped clients such as Microsoft, Caterpillar, Comcast, and a major religious denomination among others discover a) the key attributes which separate them from their competition; b) linkage to the most important benefits of those key attributes; c) the feelings and emotions which are associated with having the key benefits; and, d) the deeper, underlying values which link a product or service attribute, benefit and feelings to compelling action.

The second strength resides in proprietary technology that uses laptop computers to gather and analyze qualitative data. We call it Interactive Dialogue Systems. The application of this technology has assisted major corporations in planning and executing internal change strategies and external advertising campaigns. Transcripts of each session are available immediately following the session and results are analyzed and returned to the client in twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

On the quantitative side of our business, we offer the following types of surveys:

  • Domestic and global cross sectional benchmark surveys
  • Highly targeted panel surveys of hard to reach respondents
  • Tracking surveys (longitudinal data gathering) tracing effectiveness of messaging and advertising
  • Segmentation surveys

Data collection methods include face-to-face, telephone, and Internet interviewing.

Our global survey research has taken us from the steppes of Russia to the western deserts of China; from Alaska to Chile. In all, our global experience spans more than forty countries and dozens of the world’s languages. We have established trusted strategic partners in data collection in nearly every country around the globe.